Submit a proposal

Any scientifically qualified individual may initiate an event.
Proposals for new conferences/schools may be submitted at any time throughout the year. However, proposals should be received at IESC as early as possible for evaluation and timely consideration for scheduling. Please envision to submit a proposal 18 to 24 months in advance of the foreseen date. 

The conferences/schools held in Cargèse promote intensive discussion and exchange of ideas at the frontiers of any scientific field. Though the reputation of the Institute was built in mathematical and physical sciences we encourage schools devoted to economical, environmental, biological and chemical sciences.

To maintain discussions at the frontiers of knowledge, the Institute invites proposals for new conferences in vital, emerging areas that will benefit from exchanges and personal interaction. The subject proposed must be in fundamental research and technology and at a state of development that places it at the very frontiers of science.

Proposals, submitted electronically, will first be reviewed by the IESC scientific direction and forwarded to the Scientific Advisory Board. The latter is composed by eminent scientists covering a broad range of scientific expertise. It meets four times a year (as a rule in March, June, September et December) both to appraise the merits of current events and to select the most promising proposals for future ones. Once a proposal is approved, the Chair is in charge of fund raising as well as of the selection of the subject matter, speakers/ participants, and conduct of the Conference.

Some events are held annually, some on alternate years or less frequently. Application for a recurrent event follows the same procedure as novel proposals. All conferences are subject to on-going analysis and evaluation.

Please note that the expectation is to focus on the frontiers of the emerging topics in science.


Detailed submission procedure is described in organizer's workflow.

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